Manja and You


The MANJA woman is looking for timeless chic with a hint of rare, exotic glamour. From her cosmopolitan home, she is drawn to the warmth of the Indian Ocean and Madagascar with its white sandy beaches, vibrant rainforest, and abundance of exotic flora and fauna. This is the faraway land she dreams of as she wears her favourite MANJA jewellery.


More than simple adornment, MANJA jewellery brings the energy and spirit of the diverse African island to wearers. The variety of colours provides an opportunity to be boldly creative in your choices – find your hue in the multitude of natural gemstones and absorb the essence of a land rich in minerals. Express yourself by adding daring elegance to a simple t-shirt or modern refinement to a smart dress.


MANJA offers sophisticated, effortless luxury for discerning women. Natural gemstones in an array of vibrant hues are encased in original sterling silver designs, thoughtfully created and impeccably finished.  Each piece adds a touch of understated glamour that can comfortably be worn at any time, bridging the gap between day and evening.