The Brand


MANJA is a London-based jewellery brand that carries the colour and fire of Madagascar in its heart. Launched in 2014 by three brothers, MANJA is inspired by an extraordinary Madagascan family heritage in jewellery design that goes back five generations. The colourful exoticism they grew up surrounded by is now captured in the East London design studio where MANJA jewellery is born.


MANJA literally means ‘beauty’ in the Madagascan language and it is the natural, rare beauty of the island that forms the inspiration behind MANJA jewellery. Ideas drawn from European fashion and culture are fused with elements taken from the exotic flora and fauna of Madagascar to create sophisticated, modern jewellery collections that bring the beauty and warmth of the Indian Ocean to London.


The incredible knowledge and caliber of five generations of Madagascan jewelers brings a pre-eminence to the MANJA brand, which is intrinsic to the exceptional quality and impeccable finish of each piece. No stone goes unturned, literally, as natural gemstones are carefully selected and crafted by hand into original, unique MANJA designs.